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Patient safety comes first
reports that put forth a blueprint of actions from
Academy of Sciences. Sciences Engineering Medicine (Health and Medicine Division)

Keeping Patients Safe:
Transforming the Work Environment of Nurse
Nurses are linked to patient safety by
Adhering the Nursing standards
Transformational leadership by implementing evidence-based management
Proper staffing levels
Design of work environment to mitigate errors
Available from: 10.17226/10851

Preventable medical errors in hospitals can be avoided. An estimate of 44,000 to 98,000 people die in facilities
Changes were needed to organizations

The full text of this report is available at

Writing a report

  1. Using “nurse speak.” Write complete sentences with nouns, verbs, articles, and pronouns.
  2. Flipping between the present and past tense. This confuses the narrative.
  3. Failing to state a conclusion. If you cannot come to a conclusion because of insufficient information, request the information needed to formulate a conclusive opinion.
  4. Beating around the bush and writing in long paragraphs. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Be concise. Read the report aloud to assess for clarity.
  5. Providing the attorney with more than the attorney requested. The more relevant and cost-effective you are, the more the attorney will involve you in his entire caseload.
  6. Not providing feedback on the issues the attorney-client wanted addressing and failing to summarize the key points relevant to the attorney’s objectives.
  7. Writing a lengthy report on a nonmeritorious case. Screen the case first. If a case has no merit then this is as far as it goes. Putting in more hours on a nonmeritorious case destroys credibility with your attorney-client. Do not expect to bill a lot of hours on every case.
  8. Missing a deadline. Meeting deadlines is mandatory to a successful business relationship with attorneys. Missing a deadline can be a fatal mistake.
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